Another great opportunity while studying at the BBA English Program is our “Global Study Trips Program”. The idea is that globalization is changing the world and many important issues now facing the world cannot be addressed by just studying in the classroom. Hence, The BBA English Program has been taking Year 3 students to visit globally leadering organizations from various countries around the world. BBA’s global study trips program has visited over 9 countries, including France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, and Turkey.
The learning objectives of this program are as followings;
  1. To support our students to develop a meaningful, on-the-ground perspective of business, political, and social climates within the counties visited, as well as broadening their global perspectives.        
  2. For students to develop their understanding of culture, business practices of the countries visited, and further students' capacities to manage in a global business environment.
Any students who are interested in joining this program should enroll in the 472-361 Global Business Studies module.
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