Admission Criteria 1: Thai Educational System: High School

          1. Completing M.6 or Grade 12 with a GPAX of at least 2.75
          2. An applicant must possess a GPA of all English subjects, from M. 4 - M. 6 as follows:
                     For Language - Arts (English) Program: GPA of at least 3.00 of all English subjects
                     For Science and Mathematics Program: GPA of at least 2.75 of all English subjects
          3. For applicants who apply during their final year of high school, cumulative grades point average (GPA) of five semesters are required.
          4. An applicant shall pass the BBA Administrative Committee’s interview examination.
Admission Criteria 2: Overseas/ International Students/ International School/ Bilingual School
          1. Official high school level education transcript OR
          2. Successfully completed high school certificate or other equivalent certificates from international system schools in Thailand which are authorized by Thailand Ministry of Education OR
          3. Equivalent certificate from international school authorized by the respective country’s Ministry of Education (which must be translated to English, if issued in any other language) OR
          4. An applicant possesses ONE of the following scores :
                     - GED certificate with scores not less than145 in each subject
                     - (UK) GCE A Level in 3 major subjects with at least “C” or higher
                     - (US) SAT with the minimum total score of 900 points
          5. BBA Administrative Committee shall evaluate the applicant’s qualifications again.

* Remarks: All students are required to take BBA Intensive Course.

 ** Apply for admission (5 January 2021 onwards) 

 *** For more information

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