The Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Management and Entrepreneurship (International Program) is an English-taught program that covers all the necessary management and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills needed in business administration of the digital age. Graduates may apply their knowledge of business administration to their work in public or private organizations nationally and internationally. They may become an independent entrepreneur, an organizational entrepreneur or a social entrepreneur.
             The program aims to equip graduates with hard skills and soft skills in management, communication and systematic thinking as well as encouraging graduates to self-study. In addition, the program adheres to Prince of Songkla University’s educational philosophy which focuses on progressivism, an approach of educating learners in all aspects. This is to prepare learners so that they are able to adapt to the fast changing environment and can live more happily in society.
             The teaching is arranged by using a learner-centered approach and is developed focusing on learners’ needs. Learners are encouraged to learn through problem solving activities, self-studying, practice and workshops both inside and outside classroom which could lead to the development of lifelong learning skills. The program also focuses on outcome-based education, active learning, problem-based learning, project-based learning and service learning. Lastly, the program holds to the royal wish of His Royal Highness Prince Mahidol Adulyadej: “Our Soul is for the Benefit of Mankind” as our operational guideline. 
BBA PLO's (Program Learning Outcomes)
PLO1 Ability to integrate business knowledge and entrepreneurship in order to establish and operate the business.

PLO2 Ability to solve business problem and to identify opportunities by using information technology.
         2.1 Ability to select information technology in order to present information creatively.
         2.2 Ability to analyze information in order to effectively solve business issue.

PLO3 Ability to communicate and cooperate effectively with others.
         3.1 Ability to demonstrate the ability to cooperate effectively with others as a good leader and follower.
         3.2 Ability to effectively communicate in business context using English.

PLO4 Ability to demonstrate ethical behavior.

PLO5 Ability to demonstrate global citizenship.
         5.1 Ability to understand changes in global environment and accept the diversity among multicultural society.
         5.2 Ability to manage oneself effectively.

BBA's Mission 

"To provide our graduates with professional business abilities and excellent communication skills for global enterprises".

"To apply the highest measures of academic excellence in teaching and research and sustain our excellent reputation among business program in Thailand's institutions of higher education".

Students are encouraged to apply knowledge and skills in various contexts. Our program is determined to establish academic excellence in teaching and research, and an excellent reputation in Thailand. 

BBA's Vision

The program seeks to provide students with knowledge and skills at an international standard of excellence in the following categories.

Management - Students will acquire a full complement of managerial skills in finance, marketing, accounting, human resource management and strategic management.
Communication - Students will be able to communicate effectively in English: writing, speaking, reading and listening.
Ethics and Social Responsibility - Students will develop knowledge and sensitivity with regard to the ethical, social and environmental responsibilities of managers and the organizations for which they work.
Critical Thinking - Students will develop the capacity to identify problems, assess them rationally, solve them creatively, and implement solutions effectively.
Technology - Students will become competent with information technology, develop essential skills in the most contemporary applications of technology to management and have the knowledge to adapt to future innovations.
Cross Culture - Students will understand the sources of cultural difference and the management problems and opportunities presented. Experience of cultural diversity will be gained through interaction with fellow students, local and regional field trips, and visits to multinational organizations.

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