Another great opportunity while studying at the BBA (International Program) is our “ASEAN Trip”. The idea is that globalization is changing the world and many important issues now facing the world cannot be addressed by just studying in the classroom. Hence, third year students will visit  globally leading organizations from various countries in ASEAN. BBA’s ASEAN Trip has visited various countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan.
The learning objectives of this program are as followings;
  1. To support our students to develop a meaningful, on-the-ground perspective of business, political, and social climates within the counties visited, as well as broadening their global perspectives.        
  2. For students to develop their understanding of culture, business practices of the countries visited, and further students' capacities to manage in a global business environment.
BBA ASEAN Trip at Taiwan (BBA63)

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Japan Global Study Trip 61

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Italy-Swiss Study Trip 60

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Switzerland Study Trip 59

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Croatia Study Trip 58

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Singapore Study Trip 2019

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