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NEW! Curriculum 2022 (ปรับปรุงพ.ศ.2565)

For Student ID 64 onwards  

In 2021, BBA - Management (English Program) got approval from the University Council to rename the program to BBA - Management and Entrepreneurship (International Program). The curriculum 2022 edition will be applied to BBA students ID6410514xxx from the academic year 2022 onwards.

  Course Structure/List of Courses

  Course Structure 2022

  List of Courses 2022

  BBA Booklet 2022 

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  ID64xxx REG Plan (Coming Soon)

Curriculum 2017 (ปรับปรุงพ.ศ.2560)

For Student ID 61 - 63 only  

For the curriculum 2017,  BBA - Management (English Program) applied to BBA students ID60xxx to ID63xxx. All students from ID60xxx to ID63xxx will receive the same degree title, BBA in Management (English Program). The courses in the curriculum 2017 will open until the academic year 2023 for Student ID63xxx or below. After that, the courses to be open for registration will follow the Curriculum 2022.

Remarks: Students ID63xxx are allowed to register for the course in Curriculum 2022, if available. However, they must transfer the credits and study results to the equivalent course presents in Curriculum 2017 in order to graduate.

Students ID 61-63 who are interested in the 3+1 program, don't hesitate to contact BBA Office for more information and consultation on course structure and study plans, not later than Year 2 Semester 2.

  Course Structure/List of Courses

  Course Structure 2017

  BBA List of Courses 2017 (Coming Soon)

  Course Description

  BBA 2017 Course Description EN (Coming Soon)

  BBA 2017 Course Description TH (Coming Soon)

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  ID63xxx REG Plan (Coming Soon)

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