Dual Degree Study Plan 2+2
  Student will complete year 1 - 2 at PSU, Hatyai Campus, Thailand and complete year 3 – 4 at oversea partner University.
  Available Partner University: Middlesex University, London, UK.
  472-328 Internship Experience for 320 hours is compulsory in the summer term, second year of studying.
  240 Credits from the oversea partner to be transferred to 48 credits of Prince of Songkla University, Hatyai Campus, Thailand
  121 Credits required for graduation (after transferred).
Please visit http://edu.fms.psu.ac.th/coop/index.php/about-3 for more information on the Internship

Course Highlight at PSU

Guest speakers such as employers, business owners, entrepreneurs are invited to share experience and inspiration in the session organized by the students.
Students are required to develop business plan and operate their business during summer in Year 2.
320 hours of learning by doing in the business sector or entrepreneurship training in the Dummy Company is required for all students. This opportunity will enhance student to integrate management knowledge in the actual working environments.

Program Title / Title of Degree / Field of Study

From PSU

  Name of Program

         Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Management and Entrepreneurship (International Program)

  Title of Degree

       In full : Bachelor of Business Administration (Management and Entrepreneurship)
       In short  : B.B.A. (Management and Entrepreneurship)


From Middlesex University

Upon completing courses and credits required by Middlesex University, students who pursue this study plan will be awarded a degree from MDX according to the program selection. Two program options are Business Management and International Business Administration.

  Name of Program
Bachelor of Arts in Business Management

Bachelor of Arts in International Business Administration


Expected Learning Outcomes of Each Academic Year

  Year 1

Students understand the fundamental knowledge of business and entrepreneurial mindset from successful entrepreneurs as well as learning from real experience to shape the entrepreneurial mindset and inspire their own business development.

  Year 2

Students gain business concepts and entrepreneurial skills in the digital age through applying business management knowledge in their work, searching for business opportunities, communicating in business contexts, obtaining positive thinking skills, working in teams, generating business plans, establishing and operating a small business.

  Year 3&4

Students gain organizational knowledge and understanding of management, and business environment. Students are able to solve problems critically and apply what they have learned in business contexts. Students are equipped for careers, management, and higher education. Students are described as global citizens who are responsible and high-quality.

2+2 at Middlesex University, London

Dual degree study plan (2+2) is a plan that requires students to study at the Business Administration Program in Management and Entrepreneurship (International Program), Prince of Songkla University in their first and second year. For their third and fourth year, students will be studying at a partner university that the program signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with. The partner university of dual degree study plan (2+2) is Middlesex University at the United Kingdom.

For this Dual Degree Study Plan 2+2 at Middlesex University, there are 2 programs available and students must choose one program from the below options:
      a.      B.A. (Hons) International Business Administration (Total credits to be acquired from MDX: 240)
      b.      B.A. (Hons) Business Management (Total credits to be acquired from MDX: 240)


Fees & Estimate Budget

  Tuition Fees

   Estimate Budget

  Pre-sessional Fees & Dates


For more information, please contact

BBA office: mgt.bbapsu@gmail.com (Line ID: @bbapsu)

Coordinator: Ms Sook Heng: sh.tham@mdxu.org (Line ID: sookheng_mdx)

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