The BBA English Program offers scholarships and awards of financial aid for international students as well as students who suffer under the shortage. Our scholarships are awarded based on various criteria that usually include.

Scholarships for International Students
The BBA English Program offers scholarships for international students from all of countries around the world who want to study at The BBA English Program. Each international student will be received for this scholarship until his/her senior year. 

Need-based scholarships
The BBA English Program awards need-based scholarships to good students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and potential regardless of financial circumstance. 

1. An applicant must be a BBA student.
2. An applicant must participate with most of the student activities that the BBA English Program offers.
3. A student who receives an annual scholarship should have a GPA requirement of 2.50
4. A scholar must report his/her grade point average (GPA) at the end of every semester to the BBA English Program.
5. If a scholar achieves a grade point average (GPA) lower than 2.50 then his/her Need-based scholarship will be immediately be stopped.
Qualifications from all countries will be considered.


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